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Illustrator and graphic designer
London, UK

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Dwayne is a self-employed illustrator and graphic designer, with signature scribble and pointillist techniques.

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It’s not enough to simply “look” at Dwayne’s work: you’ve got to tune into it. When Dwayne creates an artwork, he infuses it with the music he is listening to. So, as you read Dwayne’s profile and look at his work, we have selected a number of tracks to provide the right musical background to accompany you. 

Having studied graphic design and illustration at the University of Hertfordshire, his training is reflected in his technical approach to creating artistic work. To get a good sense of his technique, watch the short video above to see his artwork Allure come to life. Dwayne’s process is deceptively simple: there is a controlled ebullience or ordered messiness to his pointillist and scribble technique. Dwayne uses micron pens - specifically 0.05 for his pointillism and scribble artwork and for his colour pieces, Dwayne uses Copic and Pro Markers - on weighted paper. He creates rich and textured artworks that capture the soul of his subjects.

Over the past few years, pre-Covid, Dwayne took part in several exhibitions including Art4Grenfell in November 2017 curated by FerArts in response to the Grenfell Tower fire as well as FerArts’ Art Takeover in August 2017, where some of his work was sold and the proceeds donated to support Grenfell survivors. In July 2018, Dwayne was asked by the Wireless Festival to create a mural live: you can see the ‘making of’ video on this page . It was an open brief, to respond to the festival, the music and the location in Finsbury Park. It is mesmerising to watch the train and the portrait emerge from the canvas and notice their intricate details. 

Being part of a creative community of artists is an important source of inspiration and support for Dwayne. Instagram is a useful tool for inspiration, to feel connected to other artists from around the world and to witness their different and unique styles. But on the other hand, Dwayne says he doesn't like how the Instagram algorithm has changed to favour influencers and bloggers rather than artists. So, to avoid getting caught up with social media, he takes regular breaks in order to work on new pieces. Peers such as Vijay, who supported Dwayne when creating the Wireless Festival mural, Nester and Danny have been important creative sparring partners for Dwayne, providing guidance and support, as well as helping him refine his ideas and reach their full potential. With them, Dwayne feels he can discuss a range of business and artistic issues: from how to market yourself, to how much to charge for an artwork to how to add specific features to a piece.

Dwayne looks forward to taking part in more group exhibitions, which are great to inspire creativity and provide networking opportunities, and in time a solo show.

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