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Artist Management

ArtULTRA represents artists, tailoring its services to their specific needs:


  • Organising and curating exhibitions

  • Creating impactful presentations of artists' works

  • Reviewing communications, writing press releases and profile presentation

  • Providing advice on pricing strategies and business resilience

  • Advising on partnership opportunities and contracts


We work flexibly depending on YOUR needs 

Want to work with us?

Photo YC.jpeg



ArtULTRA is Israeli painter Yoram Chisin's agent for the UK market. ArtULTRA organised and curate an Yoram's exhibition at 45 Park Lane in London in 2023.

Ella headshot.jpeg

Ella Louvaine


ArtULTRA is acting as artistic advisor to Ella Spira, providing advice on the curation of exhibitions, business development and partnership opportunities.

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