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Marc Simonetti celebrates his exhibition at the Opéra Comique in Paris

A few months back we profiled Marc Simonetti on ArtULTRA. At the end of September, Marc had his debut on Nifty Gateway with a drop of four NFTs. The video above gives a sense of how his artwork comes together. 

What is rather exciting is that we are working in partnership with DANAE.IO and Paris' Opéra Comique on an exhibition that will show three of Marc's latest work, from 6th to 8th December 2022. It is exciting to see the world of NFTs crossing over into the physical realm, and for Marc's work to be recognised in this context.

In this latest NFTs, Marc reflects on fairy tales, how they shape us and how we shape them in return. They have evolved over time, from the projections of raw and often repressed emotions, to a more moralising narrative as adapted by Disney.


Goldilocks by Marc Simonetti

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The Daily Telegraph, 29 May 2021