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Following the first lockdown, and the painting series called In My Skin (see main Artists page and ArtULTRA's instagram for more examples) which reflected her feelings of claustrophobia and frustration, Sophia turned to the exploration of the body. Generally, Sophia’s inspiration comes from a variety of sources: such as facing personal challenges, or the punk and feminist scenes which she likes to explore, having contributed to many a punk zine in her time. These communities also provide uplifting support networks to be a part of. ‘It is important to find your place,’ as Sophia told me, ‘especially when sharing art, which can be something so personal.’ Her recent work, based on figures and the human form, allow Sophia to explore body image as intriguing and beautiful. I love the sense of the body’s shape emerging from the page, almost liquid, as if it is going to dissolve again before our eyes. 

Sophia hopes to continue to practice and refine her craft through higher education, and to find her place and purpose in the art world now that she has set her mind on pursuing being an artist as a career.

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Painting by Sophia Howard

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