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Fashion artist and illustrator

Scottish Highlands, UK

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Megan Alexander is a full-time fashion artist and illustrator based in the Scottish Highlands.

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Working mainly with pencils, watercolours and inks, Megan’s style is a mix of delicacy and boldness, layering pencils, watercolours and inks to play with fine detail and loose mark making.

These mediums allow an opportunity for her to be fluid and instinctive in her creative process, resulting in unexpected and intriguing artworks.
Much of Megan’s work is centred around the strength of women, exploring the subject of fashion and beauty in all its forms.

Megan imagines the women in her paintings as demonstrating a fragile strength whilst feeling comfortable to be vulnerable and emotional. These elements create a visual narrative of characterful and emotive illustrations.
“I’m drawn to the female form and face, their movement, perhaps the shape of the neck or position of the hand… for me, each element might be a composition waiting to be created”.

In 2021, Megan had several pieces exhibited at the FIDA x Miami Summer Arts Exhibition and her work was featured in the summer edition of Goldfoil magazine during August 2021, she was featured as Artist of the month on the ArtULTRA platform. In 2022, Megan’s work was shortlisted in the annual FIDA awards.

Rainbow Sheer Figure

Sheer Rainbow Figure


This piece was inspired by the Christopher John Rodgers Pre Fall 2022 Collection as I was struck by the array of colours, prints and patterned fabrics.

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