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Megan Alexander is a full-time fashion artist and illustrator based in the Scottish Highlands. She graduated from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, with a degree in Textiles and Surface Design more than a decade ago, but it is only recently in lockdown that she has had the time to refocus her energy on making work. Megan’s early works were sketchy fashion illustrations, but over time her style has developed into a painterly mix of delicacy and boldness. Using thick pressed watercolour paper, Megan is able to layer watercolours and then inks. She enjoys responding spontaneously to the spills and happy accidents created by wet media, and the play between fine details and looser mark-making.  

Megan’s source of inspiration is haute couture fashion shows. “When I see an image from the Dior 2009 show, for example,” Megan explains, “I am struck by how the fabrics move, how the models’ hair falls, their poses, their necklines, their hands: the whole thing is an artwork.”

Empowered in Gold by Megan Alexander 

She cites Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2007 finale dress, which was made from over four thousand hand-sewn flower petals and has since been preserved by replacing wilting flowers with imitation blooms, as demonstrative of high fashion’s dedication to finesse, ingenuity and craftsmanship. “The skill of embroidery artists is pure art in itself,” Megan affirms. It inspires her to keep developing a bold style hand in hand with delicate draftsmanship, and exploring her own material concerns with light, tone and colour. 

Megan is currently working on a series of paintings inspired by her garden, and has several pieces exhibited at the FIDA x Miami Summer Arts Exhibition. Her ambitions for the autumn involve working on a larger scale, developing relationships with more galleries and seeking editorial work with commercial fashion houses. Megan is still discovering her voice through experimentation, and doesn’t want to be limited to either the ‘fine art’ or ‘fashion/design’ worlds. She is particularly excited by Patrick Morgan’s founding of FIDA, the first global online awards to promote fashion illustration, and by the fact that design houses are growing more aware of the need for illustrators to work in dialogue with designers.

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Balenciaga and Philip Treacy by Megan Alexander

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Diana Olifirova April 2021

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All of the colours, in no particular ord

Nina Robinson January 2021

Matt Dosa February 2021

Sophia Howard March 2021