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Beyond Photography is an online platform which presents photography and image making as evolving media in the tech world we live in. It's a radically different, and refreshing approach to photography. There is a lot of content, interesting editorials, and a shop on the platform. Worth a deep dive every so often.


Happy Funky Family transforms your family pictures into unique works of art. With a deep roster of artists which customers can select to work on their pics, you have a huge choice. Whether you are treating yourself to a portrait of your children, or as a lovely gift to your mum, it's memorable. It's an artwork, it's original and it's yours.

Lizzie Reid 06 - Hoping and Dreaming, Hi

Hoping and Dreaming, by Lizzie Reid

Lizzie Reid_Talks on the power of self-p

Lizzie Reid talks on the power of self-perception, following your rhythm and aligning your practice at UAL's Creative Start Up Day in 2019

Lizzie Reid_Studio shot_Painting Diving
The Race - Illustration by Lizzie Reid.j

The Race, by Lizzie Reid

lizzies_lines white circle.png

ArtULTRA loves artepreneur Lizzie Reid and her website Lizzies Lines. Lizzie is a multi talented artist and entrepreneur who works as an illustrator, poet and writer who explores our relationship to ourselves and seeks to give us ways of better centering ourselves. Through her artistic practice, her talks and workshops she invites you to become more self aware and make change.

Check out her website or follow her on Instagram

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