QUADRALITY by Diana Olifirova

Asked about films and filmmakers that inspire her, Diana suggested Playtime and Mon Oncle by Jacques Tati. Tati is not perhaps an influence that would have immediately sprung to mind, but as she explained, Tati made ‘pure film’ without much use of dialogue. He combines the staging, directing, and visual language of comedy to create captivating and hilarious films that can’t easily be put into words. Likewise, Diana wants people to feel and experience her movies without having to explain them.


Although everything in the images she creates is precise, with every centimetre thought through, Diana also feels the need to inject a certain amount of chance into her process. That is why she tends to leave the equipment she will use for a shoot to be somewhat randomly selected. She will use whatever camera is handy, never wedded to a certain type of equipment (although lenses matter more). That random selection introduces an unplanned element in the picture, and as she prepares for the shot. She also draws inspiration from the feelings and the reality of the moment when configured a particular composition. 


Her pictures taken over the last twelve months beautifully capture the feeling of entrapment and isolation that we have all experienced during lockdown. They are images that we can instantly relate to. Building on this, her next work is a piece called ‘The Door’, inspired by fear and feelings of uncertainty brought up by to us by everything that happened this and last year. Going forwards, Diana is hoping to explore moving light, projection, theatre and dance in combination with film. 


Diana hopes to that the easing of lockdown will gradually allow her more freedom and the chance to meet fellow artists or take part in group exhibitions. She’s looking forward to seeking inspiration and learning from others – opportunities that are essential to artistic development of her career at this stage. This feeling is clearly shared by many artists today. Here’s to hoping that some sort of normality will enable us to come together once more!

Take a look at two of Diana's other films below, her Instagram @dianaolifirovadop and website

DIsappeared by Diana Olifirova

Corridor by Diana Olifirova

All of the colours, in no particular ord

Nina Robinson January 2021

Matt Dosa February 2021

Sophia Howard March 2021