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Creative Exchange: The Legal Bridge

Matching the worlds of art and business

The brief

Matching UK-based artists with Queen Mary University Law School to co-design a simple tool to help artists and creatives navigate legal issues.

Our solution

From January to March 2022, 20 law students from Queen Mary University Law School and a group of 15 artists and creatives spent time considering the legal issues faced by artists and creatives. They were guided in their approach to the challenge by Matt Marsh who ran through the tools of a design thinking approach. This allowed them to align on a set of 12 main topics to address - all described in a language that felt appropriate and clear to artists and creatives. The students then workshopped their approach to creating a toolkit to help artists and creatives to navigate these issues and received feedback from them to help refine their ideas, constantly checking in with their audience that their solution would be relevant and appropriate.


This was a paid opportunity being delivered in partnership  with qLegal and ArtULTRA, as part of Culture Mile’s Creative Exchange Programme, supported by founding partner Bloomberg LP.




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