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Paula Parole

Paula Parole is a London-based multidisciplinary artist from Germany.

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Artist profile


Paula Parole’s multidisciplinary practice is hard to pin down, yet her humour, eccentric style and distinctive symbolism establishes a strong commonality between her various works. The London-based artist interrogates subjective yet universal experiences through vibrant and playful installations, paintings, and sculptures. “I would describe my practice as eclectic, humorous and poetic. My works will always embrace an uncanny detail that makes them slightly uncomfortable to look at, I hope. I like to frame my pieces in unconventional ways by using domestic objects and sculptural elements that disrupt traditional storylines” Paula explains.

Paula’s eclectic practice bears traces of her time spent exploring various creative paths. After completing her BA in Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Art at Maastricht in 2016, she ventured into filmmaking. “Even though I was always good at drawing I entered the film industry, but I realised film-making always involves a lot of people and funding. I decided to pursue my passion and transition to fine art to have more artistic freedom” says Paula. After some years of what she described as “finding herself”, she moved to London to do a Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Arts after which she completed an MFA at Central Saint Martins. Parole’s practice also reflects the process of discovering her own artistic voice during these years. “My work is multidisciplinary and I don’t necessarily want to box my practice. I combine drawings, paintings and sculpture, and I also experiment with performance and artist publications - as a result, I think of my practice as a sort of collage.

When dissecting personal doubts and emotions on the canvas, humour and self-irony are integral tools for Paula. “You can get through to people more easily with humour” Paula claims. Her witty titles and distinctive frames - decorated with oyster shells, plush toys, artificial flowers or incense sticks - offer a comic perspective on otherwise desolate experiences. The often surreal, and seemingly distressed protagonists of Parole’s paintings are alter egos of the artist, but equally, symbols of everyday struggles of her generation. “My work is often about love and relationships, but also family, career, fate. All the big questions which I wish to find answers to. You might think my art is about my personal issues, but it mostly isn’t - we all face the same problems in one way or another. I think my work is all about being true to myself because I believe that’s when it hits the spot and resonates with others as well” Paula notes.

Regarding the future, Paula hopes to open a solo show next year and is planning to publish another artist book, building on the legacy of her first publication and performance piece, titled ‘Notes to Self’. Alongside her creative practice, Paula is also the co-founder of The Filthy Fox Auction Club, an initiative that supports the career of emerging artists and recent graduates through pop-up art auctions. Their next event will take place on the 9th of December.

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