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Packaging and shipping recommendations


Tools: scissors, stanley knife


Materials: bubble-wrap, cardboard, tissue paper, plastic bags [all four materials above can be reused/repurposed], parcel tape


We encourage artists to use sustainable packaging. Here are good options to use for packaging:

​​ Glassine is good when packaging a painting as it’s acid-free. It protects the painted surface from acid of other packaging and scratches from minor abrasion. Artists will also use acid free artist's tape).


To pack unframed paintings:

  • Ensure that the artwork is completely dry. 

  • Try not to directly touch the artwork. Use tissue paper or photography white cotton gloves.

  • Wrap the piece in acid free tissue paper. For additional protection against moisture, wrap the artwork with plastic.

  • Fold four pieces of acid-free tissue paper into triangles with one side open, then place the triangles on each corner of the work. These help secure the piece to a strong backing material.

  • Taping only on the paper corners you just made, mount your wrapped piece with tape to sturdy cardboard or foamcore.

  • Place a few layers of cardboard on both sides of the newly secured piece. Tape these pieces together.

  • The final piece of the packaging is the outside cover. Take two pieces of corrugated cardboard, place the piece in between them and securely tape all sides OR A mirror box can be used if you want more protection OR wrap the piece in bubble-wrap and but in a cardboard box of the correct dimension (tight-fitting)

  • Write “FRAGILE, DO NOT BEND” on the package 


To pack a drawing/print (up to A4): 

  • Wrap the drawing in acid-free tissue paper

  • Place it inside a cardboard envelope/card backed envelope

  • Seal the envelope 

  • Write ‘please do not bend’ if missing from the envelope 


To pack a drawing/print (large):

  • Mount the drawing onto card or cardboard

  • Proceed with the same steps as packing unframed painting


Other useful sources:


How to Package Artwork | Saatchi Art

Advice-for-Artists-Guide-to-Packing-and-Shipping-Artwork.pdf (



(For the purpose of comparison, prices below are calculated on the basis of a package with the following specs: weight 0.3kg; height 30 cm; width 3cm; length 21cm) 

Fed Ex
Express Delivery, Courier & Shipping Services | FedEx United Kingdom

£90 (for EU delivery)
£90 (for WW delivery)

Only for international shipping (Domestic accounts are not available when shipping under 20 packages per month)



Calculate Time and Cost: UPS - United Kingdom

£12-43 (for UK delivery)

£17-60 (for EU delivery)

£30-60 (for WW delivery)


Royal Mail 

Price* £3-8 (for UK delivery)

£9-11 (for EU delivery)

£11-13 (for WW delivery)

Now have a pick up service, cheaper to book for parcel delivery online than in post office 


DHL Express Courier Services for International Parcel Delivery

£15-30 (for UK delivery)

£33-53 (for EU delivery)

£37-57 (for WW delivery)

Parcel Force

Great British Parcel Delivery | Parcelforce Worldwide

£5-15 (for UK delivery)

£15-45 (for EU delivery)

£25-55 (for WW delivery)



Parcel Delivery & Courier Services | Send a parcel | DPD Local Online (

Price* £5-18 (for UK delivery)

£15-45 (for EU delivery)

£20-25 (for WW delivery)

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