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ArtULTRA x Ella Spira

Global Landscapes

Ella Spira retrospective

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The brief

Our solution

Client review

It is a pleasure working with Alice Black. She always understands our brief and works hard to ensure all our expectations are met. Her experience in staging and curating exhibition is extensive and means she works fast and with confidence. She always goes the extra mile to make sure she presents the work of the artist to their best effects. 

Key stats


Seen by XXXXX visitors over XXX days


95% of visitors said this event made the city more welcoming; 79% would visit more often to see similar installations


Spend per visitor of £46 (Borealis & City Lights)

ArtULTRA curated the Global Landscapes Retrospective exhibition, including over thirty landscape paintings, along with charcoal drawings, an ambient score written by Spira, recalling some of her earlier musical compositions, and a new song co-written with two young New Yorkers. 

ArtULTRA created a narrative structure and provided all the written content for the exhibition, overseeing the hang of the exhibition and the selection of the works. ArtULTRA collaborated to the development of press releases. We created a targeted guest list, including gallerists, representatives from art institutions, collectors and curators. Alice Black interviewed Ella for the opening of the exhibition in Carnegie Hall, inviting her to share her journey and experiences with 200 invited guests. 

Following an intense period of travels, during which Ella Spira painted landscapes around the world, the time came to curate an exhibition charting her work as a visual artist, concerned with preserving the environment and bearing witness to the planet’s delicate ecosystems.

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