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ArtULTRA x 45 Park Lane

Exhibition curation in a 5-star London hotel

Curating an exhibition of contemporary abstract artist Yoram Chisin

The brief

45 Park Lane is a luxury boutique hotel, part of the prestigious Dorchester Group. Since its opening in 2011, 45 Park Lane has firmly established itself in the contemporary art scene. Every space at 45 Park Lane showcases a collection of art by contemporary artists.
At the end of 2022, ArtULTRA approached 45 Park Lane with a proposal to exhibit the work of Yoram Chisin, a French-Israeli abstract artist.

Our solution

From February to April 2023, Tumultuous Beauty, curated by Alice Black was installed in the hotel’s foyer, bar and library. The exhibition included 20 paintings by Yoram Chisin. By pouring, stitching, ripping, rubbing and adding or exposing layers of paint, Chisin created artworks of mesmerisingly intricacy, that spoke to notions of time, growth and the accumulation of beauty, pain and experience. The vibrant and sculptural materiality of his paintings, created a striking contrast with the elegant interior design of the hotel.

Client review

Working with Alice has been a real pleasure. Her professionalism, agility and understanding of the hotel ways of working made it a seamless collaboration. We were delighted to showcase the work of Yoram Chisin, to our clientele. We received many positive comments on the exhibition, and our staff enjoyed discovering his work.


Recommended by Vanity Fair as a 'must see' exhibition



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