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Documentary and street photographer


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Paola is a self-taught photojournalist and documentary photographer, strongly inspired by street photography.

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Paola is a photojournalist and documentary photographer who currently resides in Quebec.

Studying political science and urban development, she grows a strong interest for the urban form, and how lives are shaped within it. Drawn to street photography, she develops a keen eye for composition observing human interactions in busy places. 

With a career start in the public and development sector, she quickly feels a need to use her passion for photography to explore topics on social and environmental justice. Her topics of documentary reports range from the use of waste management as a development tool in Benin, to being an undocumented Afghan refugee in Canada, the cult of ancestors in the Voodoo religion, or the impact of community sports following the pandemic. 

She is a member of the photographers' collective and press agency Hans Lucas and of the Association of Independent Journalists of Quebec (AJIQ), and is available for press assignments or corporate and individual requests.

In 2022, she was selected as part of the Pic for Change contest, and was exhibited at the Polka Factory in Paris, and prior to this, won two honorable mentions at the Paris Photography Awards.

Pride by Paola Chapdelaine



At the crossroads of street photography and photojournalism, this photograph captures poetry and joy in spite of the social challenges faced by LGBTQ people.

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