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  • Materials: Print: Archival giclée print on high-quality matte paper 308gsm; NFT: carbon-neutral NFT in MP4 with sound (see the NFT with sound & animation here

  • Size: 42 x 42 cm

  • Style: Geometric Abstraction

  • Subject: Optimism, Empowerment

  • Printed in the UK

  • Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity

  • One-off print + carbon-neutral NFT

Impossible possible



Artist & Designer

London, UK

Originally from MAMIMU’s NFT collection When a Visionary Dreams, this print version of Impossible Possible defies impossible. Like all pieces in the collection, this work aims to create a space — not for apes or cats — but for calmness, clarity, and empowerment within. This work includes a print and an NFT. See  and hear the NFT with sound and animation here.

Artwork: £360

Shipping: £20

Artwork price includes artULTRA’s fee.
For international shipping, please contact

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Please note: This artwork is sold as a print accompanied by an NFT. The buyer will receive an email which will allow them to claim the NFT from the artist's Voice account. The NFT is sold in fiat currency.

Short bio

MAMIMU (June Mineyama-Smithson) is a London-based Japanese artist/graphic designer. Lecturer at UAL, D&AD judge and speaker at Birmingham Design Festival and Design Manchester. Her bold joyful work has been featured internationally on Creative Boom, Design Milk, SCMP and Cow Parade Niseko.

Her interest in combining art and science to find the ‘Optimum Optimism’ lead to a collaboration with neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart, which resulted in the creation of on-screen idents for ITV.

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MAMIMU's story

The work of London-based designer and artist MAMIMU (June Mineyama-Smithson) is vibrant and enlivening. Working across a variety of media from digital prints to xR (Extended Reality) motion graphics, MAMIMU creates colourful designs and animations that help fulfil her mission to inject more optimism into the world. Having studied Graphic & Media Design at the London College of Communication, MAMIMU worked as a graphic designer in branding, but found herself craving an outlet to “let out her creative steam.” 

Since beginning her creative practice in 2017, MAMIMU has gone from strength to strength – always retaining her signature saturated colours, a delight in simple details, and careful attention to collective emotions. When asked about her sources of inspiration, MAMIMU recalls the bright colours of 1980s Tokyo that she experienced growingup, as well as her admiration for seventeenth-century Kimono artisans, who found beauty in ordinary details such as fish scales and cherry blossoms, and distilled them into minimalist geometric patterns.

MAMIMU combines simplicity and boldness of style with technological experimentation inherited from her father. He was a computer engineer who never failed to bring home new and exciting objects, such as NASA space food or Indonesian shadow-puppets, for June to explore. 

“My aim to cultivate more optimism,” MAMIMU explains, “is not some lofty idea – it is born out of the desire to delight people and to instil in them the wish to be happy and the belief that we can, collectively, make the world a better place.” MAMIMU encourages optimism using bold colours and shapes, often working in collaboration with other creatives, scientists, and indie businesses. It’s fitting that MAMIMU’s favourite artist is Bridget Riley because of the emotional impact of Riley's precise geometric designs: “every element always feel so carefully considered – so right!”. Clarity and rhythm are also at the forefront of MAMIMU’s practice.

In 2020, MAMIMU exhibited at Cult Vision Window takeover (Barbican Geometrics), and more recently her installation ‘Infinity Doors’ was installed at Coventry Show Windows. MAMIMU hopes to expand her practice on a physical scale by working on large-scale placemaking, and to reach more people with her work. She is already engaged in developing a placemaking project exploring how to cultivate optimism in the city with colours, textures and nature. Exuberant and considered at the same time, MAMIMU is hugely positive and focused on developing her career as an artist: “I’m dreaming big!”



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