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Female-artist collective

London, UK

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The Luna Collective includes the four London-based artists Amy Wiggin, Blandine Bardeau, Misa Gott, and Gina Morton. As a group, they are interested in materiality, divinity in nature and a powerful sense of femininity.

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Although all four artists in the Luna Collective have separate studio spaces and are developing personal projects alongside their work as a collective, they find it useful to come together in order to explore, learn and challenge themselves. “It’s great to gain confidence in your work from seeing it through the eyes of other people,” explains Amy.

The Luna Collective came together in November 2020 during the second national lockdown. All four artists found conducting crits over Zoom a helpful way to not feel isolated within their practice, and to use each other as sounding boards for their ideas and experiments. Working as an artist can be lonely and competitive, so the members of Luna focused on creating a safe, supportive and dynamic environment in which they can be inspired and learn from each other.

As individuals, the Luna Collective have rich and diverse artistic practices. Misa uses spiritual connection and close observation of nature to produce abstract, evocative watercolours drawing on a wealth of Japanese traditional ink drawings and American abstract expressionism. Amy is also drawn to nature, but has a more illustrative approach that allows her to incorporate human narratives of love and desire; her work has a wider political reach through expressive lithographs and monoprints.

Gina’s colourful, conceptual work as a textile artist celebrates the diversity and pluralism of multicultural East London where she grew up, and explores the politics of presenting feminine power. Blandine’s practice focuses on divine femininity through the use of abstracted, symmetrical lunar and vulvouterine biological forms that evoke spirituality and vital energy.

All four artists draw courage and inspiration from one another. Importantly, they share a deep curiosity for materiality and mediums. This year, they are hoping to start learning new skills from each other, and are excited for a group trip to Misa’s studio where she will demonstrate how to make watercolour monoprints, a specialist technique that she has refined over several years. “I am interested in provoking accidents and spontaneity within the medium of printmaking”, explain Misa, a statement which the other three artists are duly excited by.

In 2022, following their successful first exhibition as a collective in The Other Art Fair last year, the Luna Collective are looking to continue collaborating and meeting to discuss their work. Gina, Blandine, Amy and Misa aim to continue working together to procure much-needed exposure, whilst keeping up an experimental and playful side to their practices.

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Wide awake by Amy Wiggin

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