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ArtULTRA x Partners

Investing in Art is Good for Business 

In today's business environment, creativity and innovation are prized assets. Companies gain huge value from their employees thinking 'outside of the box.' A recent report by Cornerstone Capital Group about Creativity & The Arts, however, reveals that 'companies that market themselves as innovators [...] suffer from toxic workplace cultures and dysfunctional corporate governance.’ These finding show that it isn’t enough to invest in “knowledge” while neglecting the individuals for provide it.  Companies need to invest in developing the creativity of their workforce and promoting a vibrant environment that fosters creativity.

ArtULTRA is a partner of choice for businesses and institutions wishing to introduce art at the heart of their activities to bolster creativity and engage their teams, while supporting emerging artists. Through our programmes, we also fulfil key social impact goals that are now inevitable components of ESG programmes. 

ArtULTRA proposes a range of services to business and institutional partners who are interested in tapping into the raw talent of emerging artists, while following best practices.


Project initiation

You may know exactly the specifics of your project, or you may have a vague idea. Depending on your specific situation, we can help you:

  • define your project brief and detailed plan

  • outline objectives, outcomes and timelines

  • Set out KPIs

  • put together a budget

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Artist selection

We will guide you through the best process to select artist(s) for your project, depending on your objectives, including:

  • setting out selection criteria

  • writing call-outs

  • managing application processes and inquiries

  • selecting a panel or jury

  • longlisting and shortlisting artists


Communication & PR

We will suggest and deliver approaches to optimise the communication for the project, which may include:

  • handling communications with the artists

  • promoting the call-out on multiple channels and social media

  • developing the project’s visual identity

  • writing press releases and communication materials

  • documenting the event


Project management

Once the project is clearly defined and  artists have been selected, it’s time to deliver :

  • overseeing artistic implementation 

  • providing regular liaison with all stakeholders

  • monitoring budget and operations

  • providing advice where needed as well as exhibition curation (production of labels and leaflets, etc.)



Once the operation is over, we will :

  • complete the evaluation objectives, impact and KPIs

  • provide detailed feedback and statistics

Curated creative work spaces:
Curation by your team, for your team

Following two years of working from home, businesses and individuals alike are thinking about  the future of work as well as what environment and culture they wish to foster. In many cases, it will involve a hybrid model of remote and in-person work. How will businesses encourage their employees to return to office premises? What will be the benefits of doing so? How can they capitalise on this new model of work to create a positive and creative work culture?

This is where ArtULTRA comes in. Our Curated Creative Works Spaces is a special service aimed at co-creating with your team an environment which promotes creativity and active engagement by your employees. We will work with emerging artists and your teams to unleash their inner curator and give a voice to their aspirations to enhance spaces, bolster wellbeing and bring out creativity at work.


Objectives defined with the employer


Call to employees to take part in a curation experience


Shortlisting artists and artworks ArtULTRA  + employees

Installation of the art work + opening event with the artist when possible


First session with selected employees: understanding their needs


Feedback collected from employees, artists and client


Project management  by ArtULTRA


Evaluation of the overall project 

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Previous business
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Residency at The Hari

In 2021, ArtUTLRA organised a residency and exhibition with The Hari, a 5 star hotel located in Belgravia.


The Legal Bridge

ArtULTRA collaborated with Queen Mary University Law School and Culture Mile to create legal resource tailored to emerging artists.

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