What we offer

ArtULTRA X proposes a range of services to businesses and organisations to:

  • foster creativity through participatory processes 

  • build relationships that are key to professional collaboration 

  • stimulate conversation, ideas and innovation across sectors 

  • enable staff to co-create artistic projects, which will embody both their and your vision and values

  • make the office environment more compelling, involving your team and contributing to staff wellbeing

  • empower emerging artists

Our programmes also fulfil key ESG goals, including employee engagement, social and environmental impact. Our programmes include all-in as well as bespoke packages, including: 


Project initiation

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Artist selection


Communication & PR


Project management


Organisations must adapt to a new normal, evolving their business models and strategies. When considering cultural and artistic projects, experienced leadership and sensitive management are imperative to ensure success. 

// 1_Strategy & Production

Arts & Culture

Strategy for artistic and cultural organisations, including curation, business, product and organisational development.

Creative production of high profile artistic projects.

There’s no reinventing the wheel, excellent production and project management are required to deliver success.

More than ever, a clear strategy is needed to achieve your goals, remain resilient, or pivot to seize new opportunities

Organisations face three major challenges

when it comes to engaging with employees, post Covid:

  • Attracting and retaining talent

  • Retaining collaborative working and company culture in the new hybrid environment

  • Fostering innovation and creativity

// 2_Artistic projects to unleash creativity

Co-curated creative workspaces: curation by your team, for your team.

Creativity boost: a short burst of creative energy

All in project management and delivery

ArtULTRA proposes to co-curate with your team an environment which promotes creativity and active engagement, engaging with emerging artists. Enhance spaces, nurture wellbeing and bring out creativity at work.

ArtULTRA delivers a short burst of creative energy aimed at instilling a new way of thinking, inspiring teams to collaborate differently or promote well-being. We work with emerging artists to create impactful, inspiring projects.

ArtULTRA works with you to define your brief and create a detailed project plan with clear objectives. Managing the project end to end; selecting artists; delivering optimal communication; providing evaluation. 

Case studies
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GLA_City Lights St Paul's 2.heic
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The Hari Bar exhibition photo 1 - ArtULTRA _ The Hari by Nina Photography compressed.jpg